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Your resource for tuna long-line fishing, commercial fishing, sporting fishing products, marine life-saving equipment and all marine-related products.

Marine Delta is one of Taiwan’s largest suppliers of fishing gears and marine related products. Marine Delta has experienced in supplying all kinds of fishing gears, fishing lines, fishing nets, twines, ropes, floats, and braided cords. Our main products are covering ~

1.      Plastic Fishing Floats, EVA Fishing foam float
2.      Fishing Net / Cast Net / Gill Nets / Trammel Nets
3.      Fishing Traps / Shrimp Cage / Lobster Trap / Crab Trap .
4.      Twinel Braided / Twisted Twine, Nylon Bricklayer Line,
5.      Ropes: Polyester Braided Rope, PP/Cotton Solid Braided Sash Cord, PE Braided Ski Rope
6.      Lead Sinkers : Egg Sinker, Ball sinkers, Bank Sinkers, Oval Sinkers..
7.      Braided Leadcore line

1. Nylon monofilament fishing lines, Carbon Fishing Line, Dyneema Braided Fishing Line..
2. Polyester Main Line, Branch Line & Sekiyama lead-core Line
3. Stainless Steel Tuna Hook, Stainless Swordfish Hooks, SS Circle Hooks
4. Snaps: longline branch hanger (USA type & Japan type)
5. Swivels / Sleeves / Crimper / Wire Leaders
6. Tubes: Braided Polyester Tube, Luminous Tube, Vinyl Tube, Luminous Pipe
7. Working Tools , Working Wears , Working Gloves
8. Radio Buoy, Battery & spares
9. Strobe Light / LED Lure Light / Underwater LED Light
10. Working Tools for processing fish on boat

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Marine Delta is the most reliable & honest supplier and cost-efficient fishing gears for long-line fishing, commercial fishing and sporting fishing. Trust Marine Delta can support you and provide the best service to find whatever you need.  And all customers can promote their fishing harvest and have a very good catch by using Marine Delta fishing gears.

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