Made up (Weight) per Y. Cone can be as per customer’s requirement 
Each cone packed with a poly bag & label.

Color: Natural White color or Black or Assorted Colors.
Nylon Sewing Thread Polyester Sewing Thread Spun Polyester Sewing Thread
SIZE #60 (210D/2) 
Made up 1/3LB/Y.CONE
Size 1000D/1X4 
Size 840D/1x3, 
Size 500D/1x2, 1x3 
Size 250D/2,3,6
Size 40/2 x 1/3LB.Y.Cone 
Size 60/3 X 1/3LB.Y.Cone
With Silicone Oil 
With Bond, Waxed
With Silicone Oil, Waxed.  
Various Sizes, made-up per spool are available upon customer’s requirements. 
Sewing Thread can be treated with Silicone Oil or Bonded or Waxed as per customer’s requirement.