• LED Underwater Light SY-79

Model : MD-SY79

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LED Electric Underwater Light Model #SY-79

1.For commercial long-lining, pelagic and recreational fishing. 
2.With 2 LED lamps/4 LED lamps. 
3.Increased catch rates. 
4.Strong body made of Poly Carbonate. 
5.Water switch (Turn on in water, turn off out of water)
6.Color : Yellow/Blue/White/Green/Red. 
7.Size : 125mm x 53mm 

8.Weight : 127g (excluding battery) 
               225g (including 4 x AA dry cell) 
9.Battery alkaline : AA x 4pcs. 
10.Waterproof : 500 meters working depth. 
11.Model Code number: 
D: 2 LED lamps.           F: 4 LED lamps. 
S: Continuous light.      T: Flashing light. 
G: Green color              Y: Yellow color 
R: Red color                 B: Blue color 
W: White color 
12.Battery Life: 
#SY-79FS (4LED lamps, continuous light) = 7 days. 
#SY-79DS (2LED lamps, continuous light) = 10 days. 
#SY-79FT (4LED lamps, flashing light) = 14 days. 
#SY-79DT (2LED lamps, flashing light) = 20 days.

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