• Nylon Braided Rope

Model : MD-RP001

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Nylon Braided Rope
●It's 16 braids with center core and constructed of 100% nylon fiber in all components. The jacket is manufactured with a high number of stitches per inch which results in a firmer feel, high tensile strength and superior abrasion resistance. It's designed for the more demanding applications where higher abrasion resistance and tensile strength are required
Color: Natural white. Or Color Natural White color with Blue or Red Tracers.
PACKING : on coils or plastic flanged spools.
Length can be as per customer's demand.

3 m/m 1.3 KGS 200M 250KGS
4 m/m 2.2 KGS 200M 450KGS
5 m/m 3.4 KGS 200M 680KGS
6 m/m 5.0 KGS 200M 1040KGS
7 m/m 6.6 KGS 200M 1300KGS
8 m/m 8.5 KGS 200M 1540KGS
9 m/m 11 KGS 200M 2200KGS
10 m/m 13.2 KGS 200M 2900KGS
11 m/m 17 KGS 200M 3000KGS
12 m/m 19 KGS 200M 3700KGS
13 m/m 21 KGS 200M 3850KGS
14 m/m 27 KGS 200M 5300KGS
16 m/m 36 KGS 200M 6800KGS
18 m/m 43 KGS 200M 8000KGS
19 m/m 45 KGS 200N 8600KGS
20 m/m 53 KGS 200M 9400KGS