• Nylon Mono Fishing Line (Regular Quality)
  • Nylon Mono Fishing Line (Regular Quality)

Model : MD-AA004

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Size: From 0.20m/m to 3.00m/m

Nylon monofilament fishline line has been a benchmark
for smooth, soft, transparent, low memory, and abrasion resistance.

This soft monofilament has a diameter as small or smaller than
comparable others, but retains excellent tensile. This smaller
diameter enables your lures to track deeper, with less drag and
cast much farther. And the low memory prevents those tangles and
loops that always seem to show up when the action is hot.

disc Color: Clear white, Light blue, Light green, and Light grey


disc 100 meters, 500 meters, and 1,000 meters

disc 100 meters on a plastic spool, each spool joined together and
wrapped in shrink P.V. C., and then in a display box.
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