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MS-703 Xenon Strobe Light

● Lamp shade material: PC. 
Power supply:3v(UM-1 dry cell, 2 sections) 
Lamp house: U style flash pipe. 
Color of lamp shade: white, red, green.
 Size: 265mm*67mm
● Weight: 210g


1.Removable spring with electricity-conduction. Easy maintenance & great e-conduction.
2.Uses silicon gel fabric. Oil-retardant, heat-resistant, anti-erosion, UV proof. Won't crack or harden. Great water-resistance.
3.Moisture-proof, long life, dual-magnifying beam of light, high illuminant.
4.Automatic light-sensing power switch. Time/Energy/Labor saving.


1.Engineering on Sea: Operation of fishing vessels, aquaculture, diving area.
2.Engineering on Land: Night-time construction, beacons of soft shoulder protective railings, fences of construction site, traffic hazard-warning signal, traffic awls for police patrol, camping, mountaineering, parade warning signals or rescue warning devices.

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