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Model : KTR-18

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●Made of steel plate. Compact, light in weight and can stand shocks, vibrations and pressure. Full water-proofed.
Easy to handle.
Easy to carry, requires small space for storage.
Excellent floatability with minimum sway.
The oscillator unit always sends out powerful radio waves. Easy maintenance and inspection of oscillator.
The glass fibred antenna pole is strong, water-proof and assures highest efficiency.
The battery is world's standard dry battery UM-1. 
KTR17: 32 pcs. Unit 
KTR18: 36 pcs. unit


Frequency of transmitted radio waves: As stipulated 
(between 1600KHz-2850KHz)
Type of wave: AlA
Antenna Power(input): 
KTR17: Standard 4W 
KTR18: Standard 10W
Code: As stipulated
Service range: 60 Miles
Timing of transmitted code: Standard: Repetition of 30 sec. transmission and 3 min. rest
Duration of oscillations: 
Standard timing 500 Hrs (Battery UM-1D Special) 
200 Hrs (Battery UM-1 Standard)
Gross weight: 
KTR17: 22Kg 
KTR18: 23.5Kg
Total length: 
KTR17: 905cm Float: 380 cm/diameter 
KTR18: 835cm Float: 400 cm/diameter


1.Out case
a.Body: Steel make with float ring, fastening bolts and rope ring, color tape (To be used according to the frequency), battery case.
b.Lid: Light alloy casting with antenna socket, lead-in wire, control switch, test switch viewing window.
c.Float: Polyester foam plastic with vinyl cover and fastening string.
2.Oscillator unit
a.Transistor power amplifier
b.Crystal oscillator
c.Coding mechanism Mechanic auto key or IC circuit
3.Antenna pole
Made of glass fiber with 2 sections. Total length 4M.Loading coil poles are classified by colored tape according to the frequencies.
KTR17: 32 pieces unit dry-cell UM-1 Voltage: 18V 
KTR18: 36 pieces unit dry-cell UM-1 Voltage: 22.5V

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