• Sel Call Radio Buoy #TB-558S

Model : U-TB558S

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Sel-Call Radio Buoy TB-558S

Size and weight

Size (mm)  
Main unit H800
Antenna H4170
Float W380 phi
Main unit 21.0 kg, battery included
Antenna 1.3 kg (fiber glass, 2 stages with loading coil)

Power source

Standard Packed dry cell, N5155
Option B-32 battery case with 32 pcs. of Alkaline or Manganese


Power of transmitter 8 W (output range +20 - 50%)
Type of transmission A1A
Effective distance Over 150 nautical miles (270 km) at full power ( for direction finding)
Transmitting frequency One frequency in 1,600 - 4,000 kHz

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