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Signal lamp series

Simple signal lamp: BL-101,AS-201,ASL-304,ASL-624,ASL-626,MS-703
This series is changed from traditional signal lamp with a constant-bright bulb and a motor-turning light-blocking piece, producing inconstant light. But due to constant-bright bulb and double motors, bulb often burnt out, and motor stops working.

(1) Save power and manpower: it’s a self-sensitive day-off and night-on twinkling lamp, thus, it can save   power and manpower.
(2) Water-proof, good contact: multi-layer water-proof design, easy to maintain, good contact.
(3) Super bright, long life-span: MS-703 composed of U type flash bulb pipe and special-designed double lamp-shade, inside one and outside one zooming out beam of light twice, produces best caution effect with super-bright light. Inside lamp-shade includes components, bulb pipe, it’s damp-proof and has long life-span. ASL-304,ASL-624,ASL-626 adopted super-bright LED and special designed pc lamp-shade, can produce brighter light and better caution effect, it’s durable and also a real power-saver and. Both made of shock-proof, pressure-proof, good light- penetrating PC materials.
(4) Easy-to-use, economical and environmental:  with dry cell, not necessary to connect wire, can be used only with traffic prick for road engineering, police patrol.