• 01-Nylon Monofilament Main Line (Spools)

Model : MD-AA001

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Nylon Monofilament Main Line on wooden spools.

SIZE 5N.Mile/Spool 5Mile/Spool 10KM/Spool Breakin Strength
3.0mmdia 74.65kgs 64.90kgs 80.60kgs 400kgs
3.2mmdia 85.20kgs 73.80kgs 92.00kgs 430kgs
3.5mmdia 101.60kgs 88.20kgs 109.70kgs 510kgs
3.6mmdia 107.50kgs 93.35kgs 116.05kgs 540kgs
4.0mmdia 132.40kgs 115.20kgs 143.30kgs 600kgs
4.5mmdia 167.90kgs 145.80kgs 181.30kgs 705kgs


Color: Natural White or Blue or Red or … as per customer's requirement.
Length can be made as per customer's requirement.
Made up can be on wooden spool or coils.