• 05-Nylon Monofilament Branch Line

Model : MD-AA002

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Nylon Monofilament Branch Line
SIZE # Diameter Size Length Weight B/S:
70 1.38mm dia 1000mtrs 1.71kgs 110kgs
80 1.42mm dia 1000mtrs 1.90kgs 120kgs
90 1.56mm dia 1000mtrs 2.20kgs 140kgs
100 1.65mm dia 1000mtrs 2.40kgs 155kgs
110 1.73mm dia 1000mtrs 2.69kgs 170kgs
120 1.81mm dia 1000mtrs 2.90kgs 190kgs
130 1.90mm dia 1000mtrs 3.25kgs 205kgs
150 2.00mm dia 1000mtrs 3.45kgs 245kgs
180 2.20mm dia 1000mtrs 4.30kgs 250kgs
200 2.35mm dia 500mtrs 2.44kgs 270kgs
250 2.61mm dia 500mtrs 3.06kgs 310kgs
280 2.76mm dia 500mtrs 3.42kgs 340kgs
300 2.86mm dia 500mtrs 3.65kgs 360kgs
350 3.10mm dia 500mtrs 4.28kgs 405kgs
400 3.30mm dia 500mtrs 4.89kgs 465kgs


1.Color: Natural White or Blue or Green or … as per customer's requirement.
2.Length can be made as per customer's requirement.
3.Made up can be on wooden spool or coils.

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